Yule Log Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Yule Log Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Yule Log Dream Meaning:

To dream of a yule log means near happiness and you can announce a surprising blow of good luck in the business or money. A yule log in a dream symbolizes the enjoyment of well-being, prosperity and satisfaction. Dreaming of a yule log in the patio of your house it insinuates the necessity to find support in your family and to unite the fraternal knots. If you dream of a log of yule is expressed feelings of sadness or nostalgia of a memory of the past that it won't return.

As matter of fact, the dream about a yule log means that you have unconditional friends that really support you. This dream is an invitation to carry out a balance of your actions before making decisions that imply changes at professional or affective level.

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Yule Log Dreams

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