Windows Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Windows Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Windows Dream Meaning:

To dream of fixed windows of a near building means to improve something valuable and existent, without hiding your values or history. If you dream of big windows you will want other people to write down your necessities at the moment and they aid you. Windows of guillotine of an old house in a dream could reflect a desire to change your true plans for the future starting from transforming steps or carried out things. Dreaming of windows of sliding seeks advice that you think a little of your person first before helping other people.

Now and then, to dream of rocking windows means that you should have the mind occupied in the collaboration you won't forget your family or of your friends. This type of dream stimulates in thinking of the neighbor and in your person also without limiting the desires or the real intentions that motivate the help or the solidarity.

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Windows Dreams

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