Wigs Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Wigs Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Wigs Dream Meaning:

To dream up to date of wigs means a good friendship, a model of pleasant and solidary behavior. Dreaming of wigs used by the French aristocracy is omened superficiality before the things of the life. Actors' wigs in a dream symbolize it could be involved in a financial graft. If you dream of wigs of several colors you suggest you could have difficulties and conflicts in the home and in the work.

Nowadays, the dream about blond wigs means the profundice of ideas and projects. It will stimulate it your route of life, it will be made notice more before the other ones and it will elevate your self-esteem. The above-mentioned doesn't exclude that it could reflect future fears or your enemies' jealousies also.

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Wigs Dreams

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