Waif Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Waif Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Waif Dream Meaning:

To dream of a waif or orphan is a symbol of the prosperity, the abundance and the fortune that you could obtain if it maintains a calm life with your family. A waif symbolizes balance, peace and harmony among his friends and family. If you dream of a waif sat down in front of a church you will receive a notice of help of a great friend of you. Dreaming of a waif that constantly requests to you money and food is omened that you win a sum of money important in a game house or in the lottery.

By the way, you won't abuse of the luck that grants this type of dream since you could lose everything, even the family or the health. Be careful when interpreting this dream and when to apply in your life their premonitions.

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Waif Dreams

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