Wages Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Wages Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Wages Dream Meaning:

To dream of the wages of the workers of a factory means that some of your friendships abused of your trust for problems of money. Dreaming of the wages of workers of a bank is omened that your financial situation is very positive at the present time. Wages discounted in a dream symbolize that somebody exists mistaken that you believes that it owes you by mistake some money. If your dream of wages of port workers is expressed you desire the enjoying a weekend of fishing in a yacht with your nearer friends.

In any event, the dream about the payment of wages in an agricultural cooperative means apart from this, success in your studies and in your work. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid creating big expectations, because the excess of trust could take you to lose the received favors.

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Wages Dreams

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