Wager Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Wager Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Wager Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a wager in the poker is omened the loss of money by lack of wisdom when managing your matters. If you dream of a wager to a horse of careers it means a warning of being guarded against in your treatments with unknown. To dream of a wager in the card represents a warning against the unnecessary expense, the waste and negligence with your bank bill. A wager in a casino in a dream suggests that you should be careful with opponents that make you competition in the business in these moments.

Now and then, the dream about a wager of a career of cars means trips with immodest and adventurous people that can make you trap. But if in the dream you appear winning a wager it is sign of victories and big opportunities.

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Wager Dreams

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