Vodka Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Vodka Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Vodka Dream Meaning:

To dream of vodka represents to hit to clarify something with brutal force or to want something that will make it feel you well today. The vodka symbolizes relaxation, measure and forces that it should always control so that the amusement is the appropriate one. If you dream of vodka taking it under a strong snowfall yourself will solve a complicated problem and deliberately. Dreaming of vodka in a glass with ice in the table of your home it omens personal satisfaction of you for the results of the work in this week.

Finally, the vodka could reflect an intent or a desire of feeling well together family and friends forgetting the daily problems. A risk is to take this dream with accuracy without being controlled well and forgetting to speak the important thing for you and the yours.

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Vodka Dreams

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