Virus Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Virus Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Virus Dream Meaning:

To dream of a virus in the children means uncontrollable matters that frustrate it for the problems that it causes. A virus in a dream symbolizes ideas that cause difficulties or ideas that cause the irritability and the concern. Dreaming of a virus that damages the population of your city is alerted to stay up-to-date of the movement of the measures of security for the international health during this whole weekend. If you dream of a virus that is transmitted all by contact of the skin it represents that you will have an idea or premonition of changing all the habits of cleaning in the house.

Currently, the dream about a virus means to give solution and to solve complicated situations quickly. This dream alerts you that with the health it should be very attentive, you don’t forget it.

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Virus Dreams

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