Vagina Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Vagina Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Vagina Dream Meaning:

To dream of a vagina represents warm prospective encounter, a matter that will give realization road to an idea or wanted project or warning of life, pleasure or near conflict. A vagina symbolizes the sexual symbol and the pleasure, the mystic thing as the chalice or the grail.

Hence, if you dream in a way or another with a vagina omens enjoyment or pleasure. If only you feel a vagina expresses intimacy for a loving accidental matter. Dreaming of a vagina feeling warm and humid is alerted of sexual full realization with the couple wanted largely.

However, to dream of a vagina seeing the person's face announces conflict deprived by negligence of your relationship of stable couple. It also alerts you of necessity of a sexual active and reasonable life.

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Vagina Dreams

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