Toxemia Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Toxemia Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Toxemia Dream Meaning:

To dream of a person that suffers a toxemia represents a dangerous or harmful premonition that it will be able to affect the vitality, the energy or the force of somebody near. A person that suffers a toxemia means the contamination of a place, of a thing or person that it can be irreversible totally. If you dream of a person that suffers a toxemia for an infested wound you should go slowly in the control of your documents and average bills. Dreaming of a person that suffers a toxemia caused to play blood or infested pus it is denounced the loss of your trust in a person friend or familiar.

Therefore, this dream is like a guide or a consultant that it alerts to identify, to assist and to solve something that will solve a great problem. Beyond your control, this premonition is as an intimate collaborator in all your present and future matters.

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Toxemia Dreams

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