Tourniquet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Tourniquet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Tourniquet Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a tourniquet applied in your leg omens victory in the negotiations that it is discussing at this time. To dream of a tourniquet means that the loves won't take in arriving whenever it puts on your behalf. A tourniquet in a dream symbolizes the necessity to solve some pending matters with friends or family. If you dream of a tourniquet in your arm it indicates that it feels that some people have failed him or they have behaved mistakenly with your person.

Moreover, if you dream of a tourniquet it means a call of attention, because your necessities won't justify your actions, what can cause serious inconveniences. To dream that it is loosening a tourniquet it is premonition that soon it will look for the form of getting rid of some obligations or affective knots that don't satisfy you.

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Tourniquet Dreams

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