Totem Poles Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Totem Poles Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Totem Poles Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of totem poles adored by an indigenous tribe is omened a protection application and useful advice before future complex actions. Totem poles in a dream it symbolizes oration, adoration and respect for your ancestors. If you dream of totem poles in a museum it will be attentive to your steps to avoid the loss of your status, the increment of the administrative control or the substitution of your position. To dream of totem poles in a park of amusements means an immediate reaction of the body in the face of unpleasant information.

Precisely, the dream about totem poles in the forest means also, a way to stimulate your mind to the adoration of the experience that they have transmitted you or that it possesses. It will impel it to look for opportunities before a possible fall in your life.

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Totem Poles Dreams

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