Totem Pole Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Totem Pole Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Totem Pole Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a totem pole is omened pleasant surprises and it is very possible that an unexpected luck is presented. If you dream of a totem pole it is a good moment for the games of chance and to make that the own ideas are imposed. A totem pole in a dream represents people that are shown different from how they are in fact with your person. To dream of a totem pole used in a party means your yearnings at affective level, it is possible that it is shown too demanding when beginning relationships, wasting excellent opportunities with people that are worthwhile.

Sometimes, the totem pole in a dream means that in occasions you are manifested too obsessive with the study, what takes it away from your friends and family. For such a reason, it is wise to look for spaces and time to have a good time and to take advantage a little more living experiences with near people.

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Totem Pole Dreams

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