Torture Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Torture Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Torture Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of being victim of a torture is omened that it will support the violent anger of some relative or close whose errors will affect your own interests notably. A torture in a dream is a symbol of a complicated situation or a moral suffering. To dream of seeing a person tormented by a reflective torture that you exist family those don’t treat you with the respect that deserves. If you dream of a torture to a boy it means that you feel pain in the real life for something that is happening and that it cannot impede at this time.

Really, the dream about the torture also means that it is able to neutralize your enemies, but this won't solve your problems. It is wise to foresee a judicial action in your against, because it is denounced in this dream that your purposes can be counteractive, this in the event of not keeping the necessary discretion when acting.

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Torture Dreams

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