Tank Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Tank Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Tank Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a tank of fresh water is predicted that your business went very well in a few days. A tank of rain water in a dream symbolizes the feeling of the love for all the people that surround your. To dream of a tank of seawater means the elevation of your spirit habitually. If you dream of a tank of dirty water you suggest that it is blocked by setbacks caused by other people.

Nevertheless, if you dream of a tank of war it means that you need to carry out some drastic changes in your life, this because you have had to support for a lot of time a situation or to a person that is very harmful for your personal and spiritual development. To sound inside a tank of war is indication that it feels sure and trusted your qualities and capacities to almost confront any new challenge at professional level.

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Tank Dreams

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