Question Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Question Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Question Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a question on the price of a cake is omened your excess of sensibility, it is wise to harden your character a little; otherwise it will be shown weak and vulnerable before your enemies. To dream of a question on made of the past it means that you have concentration problems and this prevents you to pay attention to the matters of the present. If you dream of a question on the local time it symbolizes that you will carry out not very important petitions to some people that surround you, that which will generate displeasures and some annoyances in your relationships. A question in a dream represents the defense of your interests outside of all doubt.

Frequently, the dream about a question on some person also means that should make to a side your fears to be able to continue ahead. If in the dream you ask if a near person wants a gift very soon she will see a fulfilled desire.

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Question Dreams

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