Pantomime Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Pantomime Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Pantomime Dream Meaning:

To dream of watching a pantomime may mean that you feel you are play acting in life and not being honest with those around you. Alternatively, the dream may be dramatically calling your attention to an area that you need to be more aware of. To see a pantomime in your dream represents a time in your life where things were more carefree and spontaneous.

To dream of seeing pantomimes, denotes that your friends will deceive you. If you participate in them, you will have cause of offense. Affairs will not prove satisfactory.

To dream you are the lead actor in a pantomime implies you may be overreacting to things and it is becoming irritating to yourself and others. Note the title of the pantomime and the character that you are playing for clues to resolving any uncomfortable situations in your waking life. To dream that you are a pantomime indicates that your voice is not being heard. Or your actions are being misunderstood and misconstrued.

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Pantomime Dreams

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