Obese Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Obese Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Obese Dream Meaning:

To dream that you are obese indicates lack of security in your decisions, low self-esteem and to take a diet not very healthy and very caloric. An obese symbolizes desperation and vulnerability to an inadequate feeding and continuous nuisances. If you dream of an obese that converses with you in your porch you will confirm with the doctor that suffers of situations of overweight and high pressure uncontrolled. Dreaming of an obese that is sat down in your work is expressed your current annoyance with the style of working of your boss.

In such a manner, the power and the influence of other people or of a situation on you can damage and this dream gives advice so that you take the current moment calmly always. You could try to go away from those situations looking for the change, the calm and the protection of yourself in the surroundings.

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Obese Dreams

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