Obelisk Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Obelisk Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Obelisk Dream Meaning:

To dream of a obelisk means recognition, care or adoration to something very valuable and unforgettable for their strong creative character. Anything should be forgotten the family or of the friends when having this dream full with legendary magic. If you dream of a obelisk of old Egypt you will be able to transform something in the house to make it more valuable and more useful. Dreaming of a obelisk of the modern times lifted in a great city is expressed the necessity of remembering to the absent of friends most often.

Every so often, the dream about a obelisk express cult and respect to all those that have given or shown human quality before other people. To give affection or recall to the memory of somebody lover demands their constant respect means of this premonition.

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Obelisk Dreams

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