Nightmares Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Nightmares Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Nightmares Dream Meaning:

Nightmares are usually a sign that you are having trouble confronting a fear or something that is giving you anxiety. A reflection of a waking life situation or problem that is difficult for you to overcome.

Nightmares are a subcategory of dreams. The distinction of a nightmare is its frightening and/or emotional content. You tend to wake up in fear in the midst of a nightmare. Because of its frightening nature, you are more likely to remember your nightmares and the vivid details.

One reason for nightmares may be a way for your unconscious to get your attention about a situation or problem that you have been avoiding. It is time to take notice and confront the issue! Sometimes nightmares serve to warn you about your health or an accident. However, often times nightmares stem from a deeper level indicating that something is troubling you from within your subconscious.

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Nightmares Dreams

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