Nightgown Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Nightgown Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Nightgown Dream Meaning:

To dream of a nightgown suggests to hide or to cover limitations or personal inhibitions and to be less open on yourself. A nightgown symbolizes tranquility in the home, to maintain family memories or to be pressed by yours memories. Dreaming of a nightgown made of fabric fine and fresh seeks advice to relax yourself and to be trusted of your experience like constant worker. If you dream of a nightgown made of wool and heavy you will be able to elaborate very creative ideas to improve the life of your family.

Frequently, this dream points out total satisfaction for steps given recently by you to improve your communication and attitude with colleagues and friends. It leaves outside the past and recaptures your things or actions of your daily life to be better person.

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Nightgown Dreams

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