Moonstone Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Moonstone Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Moonstone Dream Meaning:

To dream of a moonstone of decoration in your work table means small current problems of easy solution. Dreaming of a moonstone gathered by a geologist of the university is alert of a previous negative attitude of other people in your work because it used to consider that it was better to avoid problems and discussions. A moonstone in a dream represents the necessity of the individual's militancy to defend the own personal space. If you dream of a moonstone of great sentimental value you suggest postponed aspects or people's pending matters that you know and you should to help to solve.

So, if you dream of a moonstone in your shelf of the books it means that it maintains a false appreciation of your financial personal situation. You should remember the state of the moonstone to specify the symbolic message of your dream.

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Moonstone Dreams

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