Madonna Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Madonna Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Madonna Dream Meaning:

To dream of Madonna represents the care or the protection of the life, of the sensual and the creative in a form total and with all its imperfections. It also symbolizes the good fortune, the snobbery and the liberation before the prejudices. Dreaming of Madonna conversing with you in the living room of your house it is expressed a feature of your personality or some temporary characteristic of your character linked to the music or the dance. If you dream of Madonna sat down in the porch of your house you will be able to check the musical qualities of some very talented relatives.

Besides, this dream will always point out how to look for the appropriate meaning of the things, of the aptitudes and of the interior talent of the people. Maybe, you are somebody of cold behavior but this dream points out just the opposite: passion, eroticism and push toward the future with security.

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Madonna Dreams

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