Landau Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Landau Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Landau Dream Meaning:

To dream of a landau thrown by two very big horses means an encounter or a visit to somebody very wise during an unexpected trip. A landau represents the possibility to move, to change or to decide something that you will consider amusing, cheerful and useful. Dreaming of a landau of two folding hoods as roofs is omened pleasure and amusement very soon in a work trip. If you dream of a landau thrown by a black horse you will be able to have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge on diverse matters of a factory of high technology.

Occasionally, this type of dream is related with crisis or litigations complex inside the spaces familiar or private. However, this should not limit your trust in yourself and to maintain high your personal self-esteem.

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Landau Dreams

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