Jar Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Jar Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Jar Dream Meaning:

To dream of a jar can mean that you feel too sealed up in life, stuck, or stagnant, but there are also positive connotations to these dreams too. Sometimes there are dreams that show that you are happy being stuck where you are and when you dream of a jar it can be an omen for you being stuck in a situation which is beneficial for you.

If the jars you see are filled with honey, jam or something yummy and it is fresh and smells great, that is a great sign that you have many riches and prosperity coming your way. To see a full jar signifies triumph and success.

If the jars you dream of are on their sides and open that means that you can be free of anything if you really try and can walk right out, and that is the key, you have to always try to get out of the situation.

If the jars you dream of has brand new shiny jars that is a sign that you are happy where you are at in life right now.

To see a broken jar in your dream means sickness and misfortune.

To dream of an empty jar symbolizes poverty and tribulations.

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Jar Dreams

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