Jail Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Jail Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Jail Dream Meaning:

If you dream of a jail it means you have trapped yourself in waking life. There are complications in your emotional, spiritual and material situation. To dream of jail involving your lover indicates that this person is not to be trusted.

The dream suggests captivity and it refers to your fear of punishment. Another interpretation of this dream refers to a need to do what you feel is right in waking life. Jail dreams involving acquaintances indicates that you may give something to an undeserving person.

Coming back home after being in jail for a while means you are patient and perseverant.

In the Arab tradition, being in jail suggests that you will encounter an unexpected surprise in regards to attaining security in your work.

Jail dreams involving children indicate concern over the child and their welfare.

Seeing a friend in jail means that a close friend will give away something you don't need. To be sent to jail means someone will make you happy, but you will feel trapped in a relationship.

If in your dream someone is in the jail, and you see them from the outside, it means that your hardship and difficulties at work will progress in the right direction. In the Western tradition, being in jail is an omen of quarrels, defamation, and broken promises of which you should beware.

It is said that if a girl dreams of being in jail, in the real life she is going to marry.

This dream can also indicate happiness in your home, and success in business.

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Jail Dreams

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