Jacket Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Jacket Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Jacket Dream Meaning:

To dream of a jacket is a symbol of custody, protection and care of you toward another person like gift of friendship and commitment. All impression that this dream offers will point out route and on the way to human defense to all fellow man. If you dream of a jacket of wool with a very clear color you will be able to aid a relative that gives help in some days. Dreaming of a jacket leather with a very dark color seeks advice not to deny the collaboration to a colleague that could lose the work in your company.

Exactly, this type of dream means the tendency of all individual to shake hands to the needful or the one that doesn't have anything and is rejected with mistrust. So, you should have caution with the actions or expressions toward the relative, the friend or so only with the fellow-being that you don't know and needs something.

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Jacket Dreams

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