Hot Chocolate Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Hot Chocolate Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Hot Chocolate Dream Meaning:

To dream of a battery symbolizes the spirit and the vigor of the existence, the energy of maintaining the things in their place and working correctly. However, if it is a discharged battery it is just the opposite when expressing you necessity of help or to be depressed and tired. If you dream of a rechargeable battery of lithium you will be able to fulfill all your plans without problems in your next vacations with your family. Dreaming of a battery of acid and lead seeks advice care in the handling of your savings to buy properties or things very expensive.

At first, the appearance of a battery new and modern in a dream it puts in your hands a good advice to take the change that wants in your house, work or in the life. This will be without commitments and with a lot of force or push so that everything it is like a great adventure.

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Hot Chocolate Dreams

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