Handshake Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Handshake Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Handshake Dream Meaning:

To dream of a handshake demonstrates fraternity, good premonitions, the arrival of a new friendship and recognition to your attitude. The handshake symbolizes fidelity, highly skilled and domain. Then, dreaming of a handshake given a well-known person it is omened a total fidelity by friends and family to your matters and decisions in the work and private space. If you dream of a handshake given to a stranger you will know a person that will end up being a great friend and partner in your future plans.

Likewise, the dream about a handshake given in a public place as a shopping center or a sport stadium assures you the delivery of a local prize for your family and corporate good acting. Congratulations.

Actually, if you dream of a handshake given in the church, community or religious assembly will confirm recognition and esteem by humble people and the blessing to the work with your fellowship daily. It could be said that the handshake it is the key that will guide you in the search for higher answers, values and ideals.

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Handshake Dreams

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