File Cabinet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

File Cabinet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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File Cabinet Dream Meaning:

To dream of the countable file cabinet of your work is means the relationship that settles down among your family and labor life. A file cabinet in a dream symbolizes your memoirs, your memories and all that you keeps forever in your memory. If you dream of clean and orderly file cabinet expressed the discipline of your behavior and the good relationships with your co-workers. Dreaming of an open file cabinet that is revising suggests something that he worries about, but that it can solve with easiness.

Finally, the dream about a disorganized file cabinet means at the same time, sign of inconveniences for lack of attention, distractions and bad disposition of your resources. Therefore it is advisable to take a written registration of your daily functions and everything that that is important.

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File Cabinet Dreams

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