Faithless Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Faithless Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Faithless Dream Meaning:

To dream of a faithless friend means hostile and reprehensible attitudes on the part of whom they surround you. A faithless colleague working in your company represents possible lie or very near people's hidden feelings. Dreaming of a faithless partner is noticed of disillusions by the bad behavior of somebody well-known. If you dream of somebody faithless in your family environment you suggest that you should be careful with the investments of money at this time.

By the way, a faithless acquaintance in a dream means the existence of a person that has all your trust and in fact it doesn't deserve it. This type of dream advises to move away from gossips, slanders and gossips for not affecting your self-esteem in a near future.

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Faithless Dreams

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