Eve Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Eve Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Eve Dream Meaning:

In a dream, Eve represents prosperity, blessings, a good harvest, a good yield, progeny, profits from a business in textile, farming, smithcraft or similar industries. Seeing Adam and Eve in a dream means being demoted from a station and a place of honor to a lower rank to be raised again after repenting from one’s sin.

Seeing Eve in a dream also indicates pitfalls, sins, being subject to jealousy and malicious fraud, or trouble with one’s neighbors.

To dream that you impersonate Eve foretells that you should use caution when dealing with urgings of the opposite sex.

If a man sees Eve in a dream, it means that he may be deceived by a woman or that he hearken exclusively to the advice of his wife, or if he follows a woman’s advice.

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Eve Dreams

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