Epaulet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Epaulet Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Epaulet Dream Meaning:

To dream of an epaulet means a desire to be protected of unpleasant comments or to avoid changing your way to think. If you dream of the epaulet of a military one you suggest not listening valuations when it goes by some type of renovation of your physique or of your behavior. Dreaming of an epaulet of a school uniforms is omened a message of your conscience f wanting to feel better with your person without going to other approaches. An epaulet in a dream symbolizes to be preserved of some difficult emotional situation that approaches.

Usually, the dream about an epaulet means also, a closed and thoughtless attitude while it goes by a change or renovation in your life. Take advice, listen and later meditate to improve your steps.

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Epaulet Dreams

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