Enchantment Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Enchantment Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Enchantment Dream Meaning:

To dream that you are dominated low an enchantment suggests that you are feeling very dominated by other people very manipulators and skilled. An enchantment points out control, subjection or observation taking advantage of its weaknesses. Dreaming of an enchantment that a magician carries out on an unknown person is omened a tension among your colleagues by the form that the boss controls some of them. If you dream of an enchantment that a witch makes on a very young person you will visit with more frequency the school of the children.

By the way, the dream about an enchantment allows to observe or to investigate the possible manipulations of some person in your matters. It can also stimulate the trust or the doubt in all that happens around to you of a strange way.

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Enchantment Dreams

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