Earrings Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Earrings Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Earrings Dream Meaning:

An earring symbolizes fecundity, protection, calling to rain, sexual attraction, success and frustration for millennial cultures. Hence, to dream of an earring represents a positive sign or negative according to the color, metal or state in that it is. If you dream of an earring elaborated with gold and silver you will have a situation that it will cause you pride and benefits in your work and home.

Also, if you dream of an earring of non good metal or of fantasy you will be protected of the vanity and the envy. Don´t forget, an earring is a powerful amulet. Even, to use a broken earring moves away gossips and rumor.

On the other hand, dreaming of an earring very brilliant or attractive indicates that you have to put more attention to a person than it will take an earring with a ruby in a family encounter soon. Likewise, the dream with a broken earring indicates frustration. While to dream of an earring with little shine or dirty it expressed problems of businesses in the future.

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Earrings Dreams

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