Daisy Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Daisy Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Daisy Dream Meaning:

To dream of a daisy in the garden of your house means that you enjoy good health the same as your family. Dreaming of a decoration daisy in the room of your housing is noticed prosperity in your business always. A daisy in a dream symbolizes happiness and successes, and as for the in love omens next marriage. If you dream of a white daisy kept in a book you suggest imminent happiness at sentimental level.

Repeatedly, to dream of a daisy means a stage where the affection and the fondness will fill your person's life. But if the daisy is defoliating in the dream it indicates that times of negative, incipient feelings will be lived and that they won't end up satisfying your necessities.

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Daisy Dreams

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