Cabbage Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Cabbage Dream - Interpretation and Meaning.

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Cabbage Dream Meaning:

Dreaming of a cabbage is announced the arrival of a treasure like the peace, the health and the abundant love without anybody blindfolds it to him or it demands some money. It can have an important thing or a pleasant news guide for you with this dream. To dream of a cabbage is as a memory of a pleasant past, of a calm present or of a future with abundant honey and milk. If you dream of a cabbage clean and ready to eat you will put all your things in order with the help of a very special person.

Justly, the dream about a cabbage is something wonderful although it doesn't always appear before the other people, be possible or not be its will of assuming with happiness for its simple but pacify and complete message. It can consider strange for their modest and simple premonitions, but your will be able to live with the family and friends without to hide or to disguise anything.

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Cabbage Dreams

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